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Entry #1

2007-09-14 11:47:50 by jman29

Level up, earn badges, search it on google, meet other people, chat up, buy avatars in the kinker shop *still being fixed* with jam portal and flash submission points, talk in the forums the more you post you level up! This can all start by making two simple accounts in the chat room and in the forums to see all forum topics so you can post! Guests can only post in the garbage bin, moderators are not there unless we hear a complaint. You are also allowed in flash help. Don't spam there or we will have your ip adress banned so you can't sign back up!!


Frequent question: How do I add flash and music? Pm me and and send me the file to add it then all credit goes to you. I will add the flash/music credits under the submission and in your profile. Do not remove it!!

If you advertise us, we'll advertise you too!


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